Eight Wastes Game

Offered below is a practical, proven, hands-on way to get started facilitating/teaching Lean (see cart below). Eight Wastes Simulation is also a great way to open a dialog about future challenges your business will face in a time when innovative organizations are actively disrupting and even bankrupting competitors.

Learn to focus your organization on value added work and demonstrate your facilitation skills!  Engage people to learn process thinking and apply lean mindsets to the possibilities facing you and ultimately your customers today. This product has been used hundreds of times to get people started with Lean.

Workshop is divided in two parts, Learn/Do and Teach/Facilitate:

  • Learn/Do workbook shows a step-by-step guide to deeply learn the materials by completing the exercises.
  • Teach/Facilitate provides guidance to deliver the Eight Wastes Simulation at your organization.

As teams work through a “safe” familiar example it opens a space for laughter about shared experiences.

Your team will inevitably begin to think about the customer experience itself (which is the ah-ha moment for this exercise).

Shared experiences like these tend to open a space for reflection on what it is your company does, and people naturally begin thinking about improvements with your customers in mind.

Download (see Cart Below) includes the Airport Check-in, Gas Station, Blockbuster Video, and Netflix job aides.  Materials were designed with an entry level Lean Facilitator / Trainer in mind.

  • Facilitate lean thinkers right out of the gate!
  • Lean Facilitators will spend 30-40 minutes to get people thinking about process flow and which steps are value added and non value added.
  • People will learn the 8 wastes and think about how this learning may be applied to improve your operations own business processes.
  • People are expected to go out to identify wasteful work, and we are all expected to help solve for root causes.
  • Followup a week later is intended to celebrate early results, and illustrate what you have done yourself.

Click here for an sneak peek into the Eight Wastes Game

Price $25.00 USD