Pizza Game

Have Fun Learning Lean Thinking / Value Stream Mapping / Kaizen

Engage people’s creativity to improve your bottom line. 

Have fun transforming a model factory while aligning your talent with an improvement mindset.

Demonstrate to others what you are seeing during Gemba Walks. See what others see…

Wasteful processes often become status quo. It takes real effort to break out of today’s assumptions and mindsets.

Everyone wants to “Implement Lean!” (Sounds easy, right?)

Yet — Surprise; people often resist like crazy.  Sound familiar?

The Pizza Game builds bridges within your home team

  • Have a good laugh with your employees.
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Employees begin to see “the whole” by engaging each person’s full creativity.
  • You as their coach are setup for success from the start.

How does the game work?

  • The Pizza Game works equally well in Office Settings as well as Industrial environments
  • Rapidly transform a traditional chaotic factory into an ideal situation
  • Witness rapid prototyping cycles and deep learning in real time
  • Most importantly, we encourage creativity in a safe environment that builds trusting realtionships

Value Stream Mapping is the first step towards implementing immediate improvements that can make everyone’s lives better.

Who wants to spend weeks creating content?

Pizza Game “Train-the-Trainer” Guidebook provides a proven path for Experienced Continuous Improvement Managers, Industrial Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Lean Professionals, Healthcare Improvement Specialists, and Learning Specialists to become outstanding lean facilitators.

Key Learning elements for participants:

  1. Value Stream Mapping (current to future states)
  2. Kaizen Bursts
  3. Theory of Constraints
  4. Trystorming
  5. The Cadence (Tatk time)

Train-The-Trainer (T3) Guidebook includes all presentation materials, speaker notes, agenda, forms, and a listing of needed supplies.

I’ve been asked literally thousands of times for this game, and have presented it at ASQ, IW, and AME conferences.  If you are ready, willing, and able to cataylize your organizations CI efforts, click on the button for your download today. A “Train the Trainer coaching service” is offered as an option — please contact Bob for more details.

The Pizza Game (T3) Facilitator Guide Download is offered below at US $ 499