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“Corporate Innovation” Highlights

Just one day after Charlotte’s big ice storm, a group of 24 professionals from Charlotte area Businesses actively participated an hour-long hands-on experiment on Innovation. The atmosphere could be described as fun, engaging and thought-provoking. By having such a diverse group of people in one room with the objective to come up with creative solutions […]

How to get a “Seat at the Table”

Recently I attended an ISPI event with an awesome panel in Charlotte including thought leaders: Michael Bland, Greg Flickinger, Phil Everhardt, and John Heun. Let’s start by asking questions and then offer a few suggestions: Who is your competition?  Yes, even though you are working full time as an employee in an organization, who is […]

Inspiration begins within yourself

May is the happiest month of the year for me.  It starts with life everywhere and the weather blossoms.  The cold dark days of winter are replaced with brighter days. My inspirational quote comes from a Brazilian fighter, Anderson Silva who happens to have won multiple world titles in the UFC. “No one will hit […]

Organization Development on the Edge Summary from February 2014

“OD is about holistically improving organization effectiveness.” “Diagnose before Prescribing”, and “Perform Due Diligence by doing the work yourself”. (Renee Hansen). “Executive Sponsorship is an absolute!”  “Work on getting metrics defined up front” (Dr. Rita Smith). “Systems thinking, Systems thinking, Systems thinking”.  Leading by asking Powerful Questions, and creating the ability to lead people in […]