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Focus under pressure! Carey Lohernz

The first female Naval aviator flying F-14 tomcat was very inspiring in her keynote speech at the AME conference. Some of the key quotes from her speech: “At 8 g’s you weigh 1600  pounds! Everyone on the aircraft carrier has but one goal regardless of what they do;  the safe launching and recovery of aircraft. […]

Simon Sinek

Simon delivered an absolutely fabulous keynote speech at the AME Conference. From an anthropological point of view we humans have long faced danger. In times of peace, the strongest fastest, brightest, and well fed members of our tribe had the luxury of the best food and perks (like the best mate).  In times of danger, […]

How fast can you get out of the way?

“BOOM!” From the very first opening comment, Billy Ray Taylor captivated our complete attention. His stories were riveting as they were personal and inspiring. He gave us two choices to consider when we encounter FEAR: “Forget Everything And Run” “Face Everything And Rise” “Too often companies look and sound like Toyota but we forget what […]

Creative Disruption with Erik Wahl

“Creativity is the new corporate capital”, Erik Wahl delivered an awesome Keynote at AME Conference in Jacksonville.  He started by speed painting The Boss (Bruce Springsteen) while playing his hit song “born to run”.  It was exciting and fun.  As Eric danced around the painting as he literally created a work of art in front […]

AME Jacksonville 2014 First Impressions

From the moment you arrived, you could feel this was going to be an awesome event.  Clear signs made it easy to navigate the large conference area.  Check-in was a snap.  There were kiosks and the whole process took less than a minute, including printing of your name badge.  Many volunteers were on staff wearing bright […]

“People follow you because of what you believe in” Dr. Janet Lapp — AME Conference Keynote

I think that Dr. Janet Lapp is a beautiful human being! There is no greater calling and to give hope and inspiration to those  who work with you”  Dr. Janet Lapp Picture thanks to Jenny SnowBoscol “If the ship misses the harbor, it’s rarely the harbor’s fault” Dr. Janet Lapp “Fear causes resistance.  Leaky pipes […]