AME Conference, Latest

Simon Sinek


Simon delivered an absolutely fabulous keynote speech at the AME Conference. From an anthropological point of view we humans have long faced danger.

  • In times of peace, the strongest fastest, brightest, and well fed members of our tribe had the luxury of the best food and perks (like the best mate). 
  • In times of danger, these same members had a duty as leaders to protect the rest of us. This is a basic human social value. 
  • Our leaders have to look out for our best interest. When leaders violate our basic sense of what it means to be humans, trust breaks down. 
  • We all have to cover each other’s backs.
  • This is the exact reason why the bankers were so disliked was because we gave them our trust. 
  • We compensated them profusely for being the ones to manage the complex financial system. 
  • When it was a time of crisis, instead of protecting us, Bankers they threw us under the bus! 
  • Bankers had violated a fundamental human principal. 
  • It’s the duty of the leaders to protect those around them, so ask yourself when the chips are down do you measure head-counts, or do you think of heart-counts?