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Pizza Game Value Stream Workshop

Looking forward to presenting at AME Annual Conference in Jacksonville on November 14, 2014.  Here is the writeup and a video showing what people could expect to learn.

PIZZA GAME VIDEO from Robert Petruska on Vimeo.

The Pizza Game Value Stream

Experience Step Change (Kaikaku) First Hand, and Learn Practical Lean Implementation Skills

Workshop : FW-32
Date : November 14, 2014 – 8:00 AM
Duration : 4 hours

Participate and witness in whole scale change adoption in real time.  Have fun running a hands-on Pizza Game factory model.  Learn the basics of value stream mapping (VSM) and create your own maps with metrics showing potential benefits. Gain practical lean implementation skills.  Get a list of the tools needed to run the Pizza Game so that you can bring this technique back to your own company.

Learn the difference between Kaizen and Kaikaku using principles of Trystorming and incorporate methods from “the Hackers  Way” (Mark Zuckerberg). Learn to spot the biggest opportunities and system constraints in organizations with Gemba Walks. Identify the eight wastes, and learn alternative strength based approaches that energize. Feel the heartbeat of a lean system while running a future state factory model. Develop an understanding of the basic tools for time study analysis, theory of constraints, work balance charts and the importance of cadence.


Value stream mapping; Kaikaku and trystorming; theory of constraints; time study analysis; work balance charts and cadence.

Thank you all.